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Letter: Thoughts about the VA

Thoughts from a vet about VA office.

Confidentiality: I like a small office and can always go downstairs to other offices as suggested by VA staff.

Confidentiality of records: VA matters are sometimes of a private nature -- health matters, end-of-life matters, benefit matters.

I don't want to talk to someone who doesn't understand the process or the way a vet's mind may be working.

Being associated with welfare and food stamps, we are a proud lot.

Most, not all, do not like being around a lot of people or children.

Now you have us with health and human services. The next step is giving the van over to health and human services for transporting people to the Cities, increasing our time in Minneapolis by hours, not minutes, and most vets coming back hurting, sick and tired.

Now that this is in the Tribune, we know this will happen. I for one know where Meeker County is. Thank God for other counties.

George Overton