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Letter: Thoughts on carbon dioxide

Phil Drietz (Public Forum, Aug. 20) perhaps is right, we probably worry too much about carbon dioxide.

What Mr. Drietz should focus on is the rate of carbon dioxide increase, not simply absolute levels. Prior to the Industrial Revolution carbon dioxide was at 280 parts per million. Now carbon dioxide levels are at 400 parts per million.

Mr. Drietz says we should be burning up. Actually he is partly right. Nine of the 10 warmest years in modern records occurred since 2000. One small point Mr. Drietz left out: The surface of the Earth heats up more slowly than the atmosphere. Meaning, current rising temperatures have not caught up to rising carbon dioxide levels. In addition, carbon dioxide, once in the atmosphere, remains for 200 years.

As far as jobs: It will be far easier to maintain a prosperous economy when weather patterns are stable and not destroying cities, disrupting supply chains and food supplies. Unfortunately, the clock is ticking and time is short.

Patrick Thibault