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Letter: Time for clean energy is now

The Minnesota Conservation Federation would like to thank Congressman Collin Peterson for his input into and support for the American Clean Energy and Security Act, which passed the House earlier this month. His leadership was important to rural Minnesota, as well as conservation concerns and environmental factors.

While some people may be uneasy about doing anything about climate change, the time for arguing and delaying has to come to an end. Last month's 14-agency federal global warming report showed if we continue to delay or ignore the problem, the costs will mount in lives, on our land, and in our pocketbook. Like termites eating away at the foundation of a house, there is a slow and nasty process steadily degrading the climate that protects us all. Doing nothing or ignoring the problem will cost us dearly.

Recent studies put the "costs" of global warming beyond measure; severe security threats, public sector budget strains, and weakened infrastructure are among the widely predicted national consequences of unchecked global warming.

Polls decisively show Americans want more clean energy solutions because it will set off a wave of innovation that will create millions of American jobs, reduce the stranglehold that fossil fuels have on our economic and national security, and it will address the global climate crisis head on. Americans are hungry for leadership, and as the debate turns to the Senate, let's put the pressure on to make sure our entire Congressional delegation supports more clean energy now.

Gary Botzek

Executive Director

Minnesota Conservation Federation