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Letter: Time for Peterson to go

Collin Peterson showed his insensitivity to the needs of west central Minnesota students, elderly, and the uninsured when he voted against the historic legislation that passed on Sunday.

Expressing concerns about deficit spending and partisanship, he voted against legislation to expand health care to thousands of residents in his district who lack health insurance or who will lose or be denied health insurance in the future. He voted against legislation to help the elderly with the costs of prescription drug coverage under Medicare. He voted against legislation to channel millions of dollars from private banks and loan institutions to support loans and grants to students from our area wanting to go to college outside the area or to attend colleges within the District. Despite the Budget Office declarations that health care reform and reforms to the student loan program will reduce the deficit, he voted no.

It is time that Seventh District voters acknowledge that this congressman has been in Washington for too many years and that it is time to nominate a candidate with values more consistent with those Good Samaritans and Democrats from the District. The Seventh District needs a representative who is concerned about the control of greenhouse gas emissions and about the health and economic needs of those who are disenfranchised, as opposed to growing his re-election campaign treasury.

Wes Stevens

New London