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Letter: A tough vote choice

With election time upon us, I find myself at odds over who to vote for. Let me just say I don't like politics, it usually comes down to the "lesser of two liars" of who gets my vote.

I do not approve of gay marriage or abortion but have a hard time voting for Republicans because they pray at the altar of the almighty dollar and would love to send more jobs overseas so business owners could make a higher profit. They're also labor-unfriendly and have a poor record in environmental issues. So you see the dilemma I face.

Recently someone wrote in about "What Would Jesus Do?", meaning that Jesus would support bills defining marriage and abortion. When did God proclaim to be Republican? I think Jesus would have serious words for both Republicans and Democrats and would not align with either party as they both fall far short of God's glory. The last part of John 17:14 says, "For they are not of the world any more than I am of the world."

Brian MacLennan