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Letter: A trashing of our freedoms

During 2008 President Obama promised transparency, saying all Congressional bills would be on the Internet 72 hours before passage. Instead, the opposite has occurred. Consider Senate passage of ObamaCare. Democrats unilaterally wrote the bill behind closed doors. Sen. Brent Steele, GOP chairman, said they wagged their finger at us. The 1,000-page bill appeared 12 hours before cloture. It was voted on at 1 a.m. Sunday Christmas week when American's attention was directed elsewhere. For cloture, Sen. Harry Reid "re-passed" the Louisiana Purchase for $300 million to get Democratic Senator Mary Landrieu's vote. He got Nebraska Democratic Senator Ben Nelson's vote with a sweetheart deal promising unending exclusion for Nebraskans from Medicaid cost increases. Whatever happened to statesmen who put the priorities of all Americans above their own greed?

What occurred under the cover of darkness was not American democratic Constitutional government at work. Obama has said the Constitution only states what government cannot do, not positively what government can do. Our founders wanted limited federal government to put governmental authority at the state and local level. Nowhere in the Constitution can those who swore on the Bible to uphold it find anything about the federal government's involvement in health care. What took place was a brazen, Chicago-thuggery-like, arrogant trashing of the Constitution. It was a usurpation of American freedoms at an unprecedented level. There was even a clause in the bill that prevents Congress from repealing or changing the Medical Advisory Board of non-medical, non-elected people who dictate ObamaCare policies. This is Chavez-like.

ObamaCare will bring unprecedented tax increases, mandated rationed care, federal entitlement programs, and loss of freedoms. Ronald Reagan said, "Man is not free unless government is limited." How many Americans are awake to the demagoguery on Capitol Hill? Are you ready to fight for freedom? Realize the 2010 election year may be either freedom's finest hour or its last gasp. As Einstein said, "The world is a dangerous place, not because of those who do evil, but because of those who look on and do nothing."

Ron Snyder