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Letter: Tray-pulling is just bad policy

While the school districts are dealing with damage control over the lunch issue, they should be also reminded that excuses and policies still do not justify the fact some students were deprived a meal simply because they were caught between the school and the parents.

Just tell the community that the school will look into and investigate these issues and will work to resolve this.

Damage control seems to also indicate politics as a way of justifying the gross and insensitive manner in which some students have been treated. No one is asking to feed the kids for nothing, we all know that, but at the same time there is an obligation to make sure our students are not victimized or made to feel they are different.

Again, this is not a perfect world, and many parents live paycheck to paycheck, and may have two or three children attending school and a small family budget.

I have two boys who had this happen to them 15 years ago or more, so one has to wonder how long this practice has gone on. Not only is a student embarrassed after having their lunch pulled from them, but to add insult to injury it is tossed in the garbage in some instances.

This is totally unfair, and really hypocritical to the theory that no student shall be left behind.

When a child is hungry, how much of what they are being taught in class do they retain? I know when I was in school hungry, I didn’t learn a thing.

Parents in some cases work two jobs, and are on the go so much they lose track of time and obligations, but the one thing they don’t want to see is their child denied a meal.

Feed the student. The parents are not leaving town, and there are certainly other means to collect on these lunch accounts.

Joe Raines