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Letter: A tribute to a fallen soldier

I feel compelled to write this letter of opinion after arriving home from a fallen hero's funeral. I have to commend all the citizens of this area for paying their ultimate respect for Ryane Clark and his family.

When you looked out of the New London-Spicer High School doors and saw over 200 Patriot Guards standing with their American flags flying in the wind, it was breath-taking. Along with the wonderful service and the outpouring of people in attendance both at the visitation and funeral over the past weekend, it makes me proud to live in this community and work with the veterans of Kandiyohi County.

This past week has been overwhelming for a lot of people, especially the Clark family, and I can say after the services today that Ryane will not be forgotten. He was a great soldier, an awesome uncle, and a wonderful son. Thanks again to all that honored Ryane during this time and remember to keep all military families in your thoughts and prayers.

Trisha Appeldorn

Kandiyohi County Veterans Services Officer