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Letter: Trite statements don't help

This is regarding Kari Stadem's letter (Public Forum, July 11). I'm not disparaging her, but pointing out how short statements add nothing to solving Minnesota's political problems. Another short statement is "Let's shut down Stadem Farms and see if anyone starves." No one will so it helps nothing.

Here are other short statements helping nothing. The regressives now speaking for the Republican Party use "no new taxes." After 10-12 years of inadequate budgets to maintain state services after taxes were cut, it is time to restore these taxes. They are not "new taxes." It's adjusting taxes to levels when the state had enough money to fund the budget and build a surplus.

"All the rich people will leave the state." They didn't leave when the taxes were much higher than they are now. It will probably surprise those speaking like this that the rich people will step up and show the regressives they aren't so selfish.

"The budget is high enough." That's because the budget has been artificially low for years, which keeps it from covering the state's costs. When a budget has passed, no funds have been raised to cover it for years. The regressives have drained the state's rainy-day cushion (surplus), taken dedicated funds like the tobacco settlement and the health care assessment and used the money, and probably drained other dedicated funds that are not as prominently known as these.

"Education is receiving a 6 percent increase." What good is a 6 percent increase when the funding has been at 70 to 80 percent of what it should be? It means the progress is another step backwards. Then to make sure the schools don't receive the money, they do a holdback on the funds.

"The state's budget should be done like a family doing their budget around their kitchen table." The difference is when the family budget is low on funds, the family gets a second job (or more) to get the money. That second job for the family is like taxes for the state being increased since that is the way governments get their funding.

Forrest Honebrink