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Letter: The true cost of Obamacare

Amy Klobuchar hasn't engaged in substantial debates and thus remains below the radar. Personally, I couldn't vote for her for many reasons, but let's examine Obamacare. If you believe Obamacare is worth risking 1/6th of our economy, and our religious freedoms, then humor me. I have my opinions but like to explore the other side.

In order to get passage of the bill several states and organizations received special deals, incentives, and exemptions. There's the Corn Husker Kickback and Louisiana Purchase, to name a few. The Louisiana Purchase was an agreement to provide an additional $200 million towards Louisiana's Medicaid program, thus securing their senator's vote. According to Forbes Magazine, March 6, however, the Louisiana Purchase is now costing $4.3 billion. Apparently, after the CBO scored the bill the cost increased 2150 percent. Quite the windfall for Louisiana.

This proves the process was not only disgraceful but an exercise in incompetency as well. That happens when the bills aren't read before they are passed.

So, if you still support Obamacare, maybe you believe all the deal-making is simply the way it works in Washington. Under that premise, then we send our representatives to Washington to bring home the bacon, to grab as much for Minnesota as possible. It doesn't matter how bad the bills are as long as we come out on top. If that's true then that's where Sen. Klobuchar really failed us. Not only will you as a taxpayer pay for all of the deals given to other states, but many Minnesota manufacturers will have to pay additional taxes to help pay for Obamacare. This means more jobs will be shipped overseas and opportunities in Minnesota will shrink.

The only honorable vote was a no vote. Failing in negotiations 101 means failing as a senator. I believe Kurt Bills, who teaches economics, will be better able to smell a bad deal when it presents itself.

Rhonda Tubbs