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Letter: Truth on this salary

I have received enough Republican campaign propaganda to pave a small path from my house to the local school district office. The recurring theme asserts the local school district paid Mary Sawatzky's salary when she served as president of the Willmar Education Association.

Did the party or candidate call the school district to verify these claims before publishing and disseminating this paper avalanche to voters in our community? If anyone took the time to fact-check this, they would learn that Mary's salary and benefits were paid for by a grant from the National Education Association and from the members of the Willmar Education Association.

It sends a message when candidates feel the need to resort to such negative tactics rather than stand on their own merit and address issues that affect the voters and communities they represent.

Mary Sawatzky has worked diligently throughout this campaign to get to know the citizens of District 17B and the issues that are important to them. Her commitment to a strong educational system has been termed "special interest.'' I should hope that education is a topic of interest to all of us. Minnesota has historically prided itself on the quality of its schools, infrastructure and innovative citizenry.

Mary Sawatsky will work hard to restore and build upon these core assets. I am proud to support Mary as my representative.

Marilee Vogel