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Letter; An unforgettable circus

A thank you to the Willmar, Montevideo and area town Shriners for sponsoring the Shriner circus that was last Friday in Willmar.

The roar and excitement of the third-graders as they enter the circus arena and watch the circus acts is a sound you don’t forget! What a wonderful experience the Shriners give to the children.

It is sad that some schools prevent their third-graders from enjoying. The Shriners buy the tickets, escort the children on the school buses and give of their time, until the children are returned to their respective schools. Many enjoy a lunch afterward in a park in the area. It is a wonderful day and experience for them.

Thank you, Shriners, teachers, bus drivers and volunteers for making a great day they won’t forget for some third-graders in the area.

Judy Lalim