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Letter: U.S. needs action, not talk

Citizens of our country are wondering who our president and Congress are really working for. The hard-working citizens voted them into their lucrative and rewarding jobs and trusted them to keep their promises and to make our nation and its citizens their first priority. So many past and present government mistakes give us cause to question their actions. So many mistakes made to make us wonder if we will ever be able to feel safe, secure, acceptable and respectable again.

Our country's future is at stake and so are the security and safety of future generations. We are all wondering why our government officials and office holders didn't see this catastrophe coming and spend their time on their job to ward some of it off before it got out of control. We are waging, and our taxpayers are paying, for more than one costly war and losing fathers and sons, jobs, homes and their savings and health to pay for government mistakes.

Here is what tens of thousands of our country's concerned citizens are wanting from those in office: to get off their duffs and get down to brass tacks and tackle our real problems and think of our country first with a lot less talk and a lot more action. They got us into this mess in the first place and need to confront it with everything it takes. It's their job.

There's been a lot of talk that some in Congress have been there too long and new blood is needed there to get our country back on its feet again. And there have been too many playboys in office at government expense for their expensive habits that are now being exposed and are bringing shame to all of us and our country. Poor examples for our younger generation.

Gladys Johnson