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Letter: U.S. needs an energy plan

By the time this letter is printed, the vote on the proposed cap-and-trade system will be over. There is opposition to this bill that is centered on the belief that global warming is not real, cost, jobs and fear of change.

My point in this letter is say that whether or not global warming is real doesn't make any difference. It's really simple. Fossil fuel energy is running out. We need to develop new sources of energy before it does. It gets harder when you realize that those who make their living working with fossil fuels will need to adjust, and they don't want disruption any more than you and me.

Though we should be sympathetic, the cost of inaction will be much more severe than action now. Therefore we need a national energy plan wherein the law requires the development of alternative energy. Political games and fear-mongering should not keep us from doing what we know we need to do. By the way, when we successfully stop using fossil fuel, I submit that global warming will take care of itself.

John Baumgartner, Olivia