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Letter: U.S. needs to toughen up

Arizona has its back against the wall, and like anyone, when that happens, you fight back or die. Arizona had no other option; they had to fight back because Washington ignores the problems of immigration. They are like old men with loose dentures, avoiding anything that's tough, and letting businesses control us by keeping wages low and reducing the economic power of the middle class.

Our borders must be sealed. Any immigrant must have a marketable skill and a sponsor responsible for him until he is established. He must be in good health, learn English, obey our laws and have no criminal record. Is this present law enforced?

We should insist on a new law: that any company that hires an illegal immigrant must pay a fine and also bear the cost of sending him back to wherever he came from. Also, the law must be changed concerning births in this country. If you are illegal, any children you give birth to here are illegal also, because you have broken the law.

We are losing our culture, our freedom of speech, our religious freedom and our freedom of the press. Plus, we are garroted by political correctness. Most of this is created by apathy on the part of our citizens.

We should be flooding Washington with our rage about how they have handled things, but instead we talk among ourselves and do nothing. We do not deserve this country that so many of our sons and daughters have died for. A great shame should be sitting on the shoulders of every one of us. Write the people that represent you in Congress!

We must demand that Uncle Sam takes off his party dress and puts on his big-boy pants.

Winston Churchill said, "An appeaser is one who feeds a crocodile, hoping it will eat him last."

Patricia Harding