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Letter: Veterans' home is needed

In response to Curt Reese's letter about the veterans' nursing home, I was also wondering about Sen. Gary Kubly and which site he was going to pursue for a veterans' nursing home. I would really like to see a veterans' nursing home built.

April of 2000 saw my dad becoming a resident of the Luverne veterans' nursing home. What a wonderful place!

When Dad became ill and was placed in hospice, I was contacted by the social worker that we could place him in a local nursing home closer to the family.

First of all, I said no, as Luverne had been his home soon to eight years that April.

Second, we have had a relative in a local nursing home and all I can say is that the room was so depressing, compared to Dad's room in the veterans' home.

In closing, I would again choose the Luverne veterans nursing home over a local one.