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Letter: A vital lesson from sports

Athletics can teach much more than the fundamental skills for each particular sport. Parents and coaches play a vital role in teaching our kids those life skills that are much more important than the won/loss record.

Monday the fifth and sixth grade recreation baseball league showed one such moment.

The game ended on a fielder/runner interference call, when MACCRAY was making a spirited comeback in the last inning of the game.

My son and the runner collided along the shortstop baseline. My son lay on the ground for quite some time after the collision. The runner from MACCRAY was visibly upset and genuinely worried about my son's injury. He made a point to come out and wait in the infield until my son was able to get up on his own.

The apology given was heartfelt and the acceptance of the apology was unconditional. The injury did not end up being serious, but the compassion shown by the base runner was a serious testament to good parenting and coaching.

I was fortunate to be with my son during that moment in the ballgame. I say a job well done by the parents and coaches of that fine young man from MACCRAY.

The spirit of competitive, compassionate athletics is alive and well, if only we as parents allow the lesson to be less about winning the game and more about raising compassionate kids.

Randy Kobienia