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Letter: Vogel has honesty, integrity

I would guess each one of us has been bombarded with political ads during this election process.

The Republican-led Legislature was not perfect, but if a party is going to criticize the work they did, it is so very important to have all numbers correct. Here are the correct numbers which anyone can confirm by taking a little time on Google.

Fact: Bruce Vogel did not shut down the government. The Republicans had their balanced budget submitted to the governor six weeks ahead of any legislature in past years. It was the governor who set the budget aside and refused to look at it until just days before the shutdown.

Fact: The $2 billion taken from students was borrowed by the Democrat-controlled House in 2009. The Republican House borrowed $700 million and has repaid $318 million. They voted to pay the rest back in full and more, $430 million, but our governor vetoed it. Clearly this money was borrowed before Rep. Vogel was elected.

Fact: Rep. Vogel took the wages he received during the shutdown and in turn gave it to four nonprofit organizations. The food shelf, Safe Avenues, Salvation Army and Hope Pregnancy Center were blessed by this.

State Rep. Bruce Vogel -- honesty. Integrity.

Floyd Mottinger