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Letter: Vogel's record on health care

State Rep. Bruce Vogel has done an outstanding job of supporting initiatives to help make health care more affordable and accessible for rural Minnesotans and the elderly.

Instead of supporting fiscally irresponsible legislation such as Obamacare, Vogel has adopted a collaborative approach that keeps more of the focus and decision-making on health care at a local and personal level. His support of a Healthy Minnesota Contribution Program helps low-income adults obtain affordable private health insurance.

He also supported improvements in rural health care by implementing and sustaining the Community Paramedics program. Furthermore, Vogel supported a removal of the moratorium on the construction of radiation therapy facilities. Because of this, cancer patients now have more locations where they can receive quality care.

Bruce Vogel understands that health care is an important issue for rural Minnesotans. He believes in creating opportunities for citizens to obtain health care in a manner that empowers them and allows them to make decisions that are best suited for themselves, not decided by bureaucrats in Washington or St. Paul. Because of his common-sense approach to health care and many other aspects of government, I will be voting to re-elect Rep. Vogel this November.

Alysia Heidecker