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Letter: Vote for Democratic truth

People need to be reminded that the current national and state economic and unemployment problems began during, and as a result of, the Bush and Pawlenty Republican leadership.

The deficit needs to be paid. Government spending needs a major overhaul. Wasteful and fraudulent spending needs to be eliminated, but cutting some programs will only hurt people who need them most.

Lowering taxes and tax breaks for the wealthy don't pay for the debt and don't create jobs. They only put more money in the pockets of the wealthy.

Employers don't hire people because they get tax breaks. They hire more workers when, and if, they can sell more products at a profit. Most people don't like paying taxes, but the reality of the situation is that taxes need to be raised to pay for the deficit.

Eliminating tax breaks for the wealthy is a start. The wealthy can afford to pay more than the lower- and middle-class workers. The wealthy should be thankful and happy to pay more taxes because it means they have a better paying job and are living a better and more luxurious life.

Who will have more after taxes -- a worker that earns $50,000 or a businessman who, after tax write-offs, makes over $200,000? The bottom line is, it isn't how much you are taxed but how much you have left after taxes.

I will vote for a candidate who knows, and admits, that we need to raise taxes. I will vote Democrat.

Richard Lindahl