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Letter: Vote Gimse for life, marriage

As a resident of District 13, I want to express the importance of voting for a candidate that fights for and supports the sanctity of life, the institution of traditional marriage and religious freedom. There should be no compromise in the battle to protect our commonly held traditional and moral values.

Joe Gimse protects and stands up for our ideals on life, marriage and religious freedom at the Minnesota State Capitol. While voicing his strong opposition to abortion, he has signed legislation that opposes state funding for abortions (SF 906, LS #86). Also, he signed and promoted legislation that creates a constitutional amendment to recognize marriage as a union between one man and one woman (SF 1976, LS #86). Regarding religious freedom, Joe Gimse believes that every individual has the freedom to practice, worship and teach according to their beliefs.

Please take the stand with me and continue to protect life, marriage and religious freedom. Vote for Joe Gimse.

Janice Krueger