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Letter: Vote if you're a Democrat

Are you a Democrat? If you don't plan to vote in November you should reconsider. Your vote is also important in mid-term elections. Supposedly Democrats have been in control but without a super-majority Republicans can block legislation.

Despite badmouthing of Congress, a story in the Oct. 19 West Central Tribune said this Obama Congress was the most productive of any over the last half-century. A lot of issues have been covered the last months but little has been said about the most important issue that ultimately affects the human race. This issue is the environment, which we are destroying.

Let me give you a couple of points on who cares most about this issue. In 2006 the Redrock Wilderness Act was introduced. It had 165 Democratic sponsors and only nine Republicans. Most Republicans seem to prefer that wilderness would just disappear even though vast amounts of our nation's fresh water come from wilderness areas.

A second point is from Conservation Minnesota, a group that follows legislator voter records on conservation-oriented issues in Minnesota. The 2009 record shows that 99-plus percent of Democrats supported conservation issues while only 28 percent of Republicans supported those same issues. Conservation means to use wisely. Obviously Democrats care more for the natural world that has allowed us to thrive. Vote!

Graden West

New London