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Letter: Vote for new beginning at RCW

Some thoughts to consider for the voters of Renville County West when deciding how to vote on the new school bond issue.

Consequences of voting yes:

We will pay higher taxes. We will know what that amount will be for the next 25 years. We will build a new state-of the-art school building for generations to come.

We will have guaranteed keeping a school in our community if or when an alliance is ever agreed upon with a neighboring district. (Remember, we have fewer voters than our neighbors and our current facilities are old and outdated.)

We will have shouldered our social responsibility in providing our children with a world-class educational environment.

Consequences of voting no:

We will pay higher taxes. We will not know what that number will be, depending on how much longer we can continue to patch and "make do" with our current buildings.

We will have out-of-date facilities to offer if or when an alliance with our larger neighbors is agreed upon.

We will have failed our social responsibilities to the next generation's educational needs.

A challenge to those who think that all of our students can fit into one site: Tour our facilities after school starts and see for yourself if you can find the empty classrooms, the extra computer labs, the extra gym space, the extra time and space in the cafeteria, the extra Title I and special needs spaces, and all the other needs and spaces that come with a whole school moving in. I know that you will find it impossible to house all of our students in one site.

A final challenge. The next time you update or upgrade your vehicle or your machinery or your home or your lifestyle, ask yourself this question: "Isn't the old one good enough?"

Everything has a life span. Our old buildings have served us greatly for years, but now is our opportunity for a new beginning. I encourage you to vote yes on Sept. 9.

David Hamre

Sacred Heart