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Letter: Vote no for children, families

Our Constitution should protect freedoms, not take them away. It is time for me to speak up for the people I love.

A local physician wrote of his concern for the future of our families and children if our constitution is not amended to limit the freedoms of all people. I am also a medical professional who has worked in this community for 40 years. My normal and amazing family and friends include same-sex couples working as clergy, educators, business executives, social service professionals, medical professionals, editors, coaches and stay-at-home parents. Their children are bright, social, well-loved and well-adjusted, some attending gifted classes and excelling at their sports. They are precious members of our families, including our godchild, whose birth our family celebrated and who was baptized in his church.

These families are strong, contributing members of our society. It is time to stop denying their existence as families, their value to our world and their rights to love each other.

So for Joey, Peder, Oliver, Annika, Grace, Marin and Vinny, for their moms and dads and all my friends and family, I am voting NO, because like our local physician, I too am concerned about the future of children and families.

Cindy Rice