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Letter: Vote no on voter ID

Lutheran Social Services lists the following groups who are without government issued photo IDs:

* 18 percent of the elderly

* 10 percent of people with disabilities

* 18 percent of citizens aged 18-24

* 200,000 registered voters in Minnesota

Michael Freeman, son of former Governor Orville Freeman, said that when he took his dad out of a nursing home to vote in 2002 his dad did not have a photo ID.

Arnie Carlson, a former Republican governor, stated that if he loses his present ID he may not be able to get another one as "Arnie" is not his proper name.

In Maine and Vermont felons are allowed to vote. It is possible in Minnesota for a felon to get a picture ID so that he or she could get around the new constitutional amendment being proposed by the Republicans in regard to voting.

Bruce Vogel and Joe Gimse have basically blocked all spending on education, health and transportation. However, they have voted to put the photo ID on the ballot as a constitutional amendment. We don't know the total cost to taxpayers of the amendment, but it may be considerable.

Vogel and Gimse also supported using tax money to fund the new football stadium to the tune of about one billion dollars, even though the Viking's owner, Zygi Wilf, had enough cash in his pocket to buy himself a condo in New York City for $1.9 million.

Vogel and Gimse are just shills for the new Republican party; they do not represent the old "responsible" wing of the Republican party.

There is a reason that Arnie Carlson and Walter Mondale have joined with the League of Women Voters in opposition to the proposed Voter ID amendment.

On Nov. 6, please vote against the Voter ID amendment.

Please vote for Mary Sawatzky for State Representative and Lyle Koenen for State Senator.

George Hulstrand, Jr.