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Letter: Vote to preserve marriage

Marriage needs to be strong and marriage in Minnesota is marriage between one man and one woman.

When marriages are strong, our country is strong. When marriages are weak, our country is weak. Do you really think this debate is already not affecting our freedom? People are being fired because they stand up for marriage between one man and one woman. Go online to and watch some of the videos of those who have already been fired and see who is doing the firing. It may surprise you. Retail businesses are supporting (some in Willmar) the gay activists' agendas.

Homosexual marriage is an empty pretense that lacks the complementariness of male and female. The accumulative damage will be inescapable. While a high percentage of married couples remain married for 20 years or more, the vast majority of homosexual relationships are short-lived, typically engaging in a high degree of promiscuity. Children should never be placed in unstable homes with revolving bedroom doors. Look around you. Dysfunction comes from disobedience, rebellion against God's law. How can children know themselves when they are torn between who has authority in their life and who they really are?

The American family and American culture are quickly changing through the efforts of the political, academic and media elite, and not for the better.

The amendment to the Minnesota constitution will be on the ballot this fall. The amendment defines marriage in the Minnesota constitution as between one man and one woman within the state of Minnesota. I would urge everyone to be an informed voter and support this amendment.

No, I am not a bigot, nor am I a homophobic; but I do understand family structure, leadership and morals. I know this letter will make some furious, but furious does not work in a debate. Nor does it work in a democratic society as ours. So hold the name-calling and check out the facts for yourself.

Helen Beekman