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Letter: Vote for pro-life Joe

Joe Gimse can be counted on to walk the walk when it comes to protecting unborn babies, the elderly, and the disabled. Thank you, Sen. Gimse.

Gimse has a 100 percent pro-life voting record. He has served our district well and deserves to be re-elected. Gimse attends the Minnesota Citizens Concerned for Life -- March for Life at the capital in January with his constituents. He shows respect for us by inviting all of us into the Senate Office Building to warm up with coffee or hot chocolate while visiting with him.

We need a senator who will vote to keep the Positive Alternatives Act that provides resources and assistance to pregnant women. We need a senator who will vote to ensure that no baby is aborted based on the baby's sex, and that no woman is forced into an abortion.

Joe Gimse is the only pro-life candidate for Senate in our district. The other candidate, Larry Rice, has spoken openly about his pro-choice position.

At a candidate forum, Larry Rice said he supports a woman's right to choose. (West Central Tribune, Sept. 29). Larry Rice did not even return the Minnesota Citizens Concerned for Life questionnaire. Please vote for Sen. Joe Gimse on Nov. 2. Help to protect those who cannot protect themselves.

Jackie Cain, chair

Kandiyohi County Minnesota Citizens Concerned for Life