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Letter: Vote pro-marriage

Why do some politicians avoid discussing the issues of same-sex marriage and abortion? Is it because Minnesota is a state full of Christians and politicians can't justify their political position with Biblical passages?

Some hide behind the agenda of "civil rights" or "women's right to choose." Polls show that over 80 percent of the people in Minnesota consider themselves Christians. Add to that figure the people who are Jewish or Muslim and we have a huge majority of people who believe in the messages contained in the Old Testament of the Bible.

Where does the Bible state it is okay to murder babies or where does it support leading a gay lifestyle? Keep in mind that life begins at conception and being homosexual does not mean a person has to lead a gay lifestyle.

The only way to avoid the eventual legalization of same-sex marriages in Minnesota is to let the people speak by voting on an amendment to the Minnesota Constitution which would define marriage as between one man and one woman. Such an amendment has to start with a bill being passed in the Legislature which allows the people to vote on an amendment. Such an amendment will make it difficult for the liberal judges and politicians to ignore the will of the people.

Since 1973 a Supreme Court ruling on Roe versus Wade has legalized abortion on demand and has resulted in the abortion (murder) of over 50 million innocent babies. The only way to stop this holocaust is to have the Supreme Court reverse that 1974 decision.

The first step towards resolving these two issues is to cast your vote on Nov. 2. Make sure the people for whom you vote are pro-marriage and pro-life! Your vote can make a difference at both the state and national level.

Robert and Jean Masters