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Letter: Vote Rice for our children

I recently heard Condoleezza Rice in an interview. She credits her parents' view valuing a good education as the secret of her and her siblings' success. Yet today, many politicians see education as an expense.

In contrast, Larry Rice says that he values education as an investment in our future. He shares concerns of parents with children in four-day week schedules. Children are gone from 7 a.m. to 5 p.m., coming home so tired that homework is ineffective. Common sense says children do not learn when tired.

Voters should vote for people who support education, like Larry Rice. In addition, Mark Dayton has put education as the top goal for full funding once the economy turns around. Dayton, a former teacher, knows the need for good schools. The ads picturing children claim Dayton will raise taxes and hurt our children. What really hurts children are further cuts to schools. His tax increase is only proposed for the top income level -- to even out the tax burden.

As responsible adults, we need to pay our share to support schools. That is what children really need. Larry Rice cannot help schools if we have a governor who vetoes support for schools. Vote for Rice and Dayton to support our children. Also, if you are in the Willmar school district, vote" yes" for the levy, so our students do not have to share books and have a class size that matches the number of desks in the room.

Peggy Karsten