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Letter: Vote for Yanish

Do we want a mayor who will add an item to an agenda so that he can chastise a citizen who has been nominated for a board position? I would hope not. The current mayor did just this when the resolution for the action of appointing board members had already passed with a unanimous vote earlier. The nominees should have gone directly to the district judge for appointment. Would you want a mayor who before appointing a person to a board or commission would ask their age? I would hope not.

Would you vote for a mayor candidate who would promise a constituent that he would do something more than once and then didn't do it? I would hope not.

We need a mayor who has the interest of all of the citizens of Willmar as his constituents. We need a mayor who will listen and have an open and honest discussion with all citizens whether he agrees with them initially or not but wants their input and opinions on city issues. We need a mayor who knows that only two city positions haven't been filled (not five) due to budget constraints.

Frank Yanish is the candidate that should be elected the new mayor of Willmar. He is an independent businessman with his wife and son. He knows what it is like to pay taxes as a homeowner and a businessman. He has to budget his business to provide the services to his clients that they expect and also meet his payroll to keep his employees employed. As a person who has followed Willmar city government for the last four-plus years, only missing as many meetings as any councilperson, I know that we need changes in our city government.

Frank Yanish can be the first change. Please vote on Nov. 2 and cast your mayoral vote for Frank Yanish.

John L. Sullivan