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Letter: Vote yes for kids

As a community, we have an opportunity to show our support for our schools by voting yes on the operating levy next Tuesday, Nov. 2. We cannot lose this opportunity. Our school system has not been adequately funded by our state, so it is up to us to support our school system. We can't afford to wait for the state to come through with the money. What is at stake? Our children's top-quality education!

Willmar has a solid school system, and Willmar is a strong community that has believed in and supported our schools. I think there is a direct correlation. Our schools, and consequently our community, will eventually deteriorate if we don't support and believe in our schools by passing the levy in the referendum.

My children have all attended and received a quality education in the Willmar schools. I came from a family that always supported and encouraged me in my education. I have done the same with my children, and, until the day I die, I will always support my community's educational system if it needs the funding. Our schools need the funding to continue educating our students in a world-class education. How can we accomplish this without proper funding? We cannot keep cutting and cutting and cutting without hurting our children's futures and our own.

On Tuesday, Nov. 2, we have an opportunity to give back and positively impact the lives of our children and schools. Please show you care about our community and our children by voting yes.

Ross Dahl