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Letter: Vote yes on the school levy

Last summer, I was at a mission training conference where the speaker explained the difference between her culture and the U. S. culture.

She was from India, a community-based culture, so every decision was based on whether it was good for the family and community. When she picked her husband, he had to have the qualities needed by the family and community.

The U.S. has an individual-based culture. People make decisions based on what is best for them personally.

That view explains why people support school levies when they have children in school and then vote no every year after that. With the state pulling funding for our schools, those of us without children in the district need to "pay it forward."

When in school, my daughter had a lot of opportunities that have already been cut: Cardettes dance team in the fall, middle school orchestra and French classes (actually, French and German have been totally eliminated for all K-12), and bus rides without a huge distance to walk.

My step-children had activity buses (remember those cut long ago?). More cuts are planned -- orchestra for senior high, elective choices, more music cuts, other activity cuts, possibly a four day week. Children will often lose some of the information over long weekends and need to be re-taught -- not efficient.

I want to urge everyone to vote yes for the school levy that repeals the previous levy of $498.49 set to expire next year and replace it with a $898.49 levy for 10 years.

This levy would be just $10 per month for my taxes in a house worth about $100,000. We need to give the current students the kind of opportunities they need to succeed. When we decide to vote, we need to think of our communities as ultimately, these young people will grow up to pay taxes and be the leaders that we need for a strong economy.

Peggy Karsten