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Letter: Voter ID is fraud, vote no

Here are a few things to think about before you vote on the proposed Voter ID amendment to the Minnesota constitution.

The amendment is a purely Republican proposal. Only Republicans voted for it in the Minnesota House and Senate. All Democratic senators and representatives voted against it.

Our constitution belongs to all of the people. It should not be used as a naked power grab by one party. The amendment does not solve any problem that exists in Minnesota. No one has ever been found to have used a false identity to vote in Minnesota. If such a person is ever found, the Republicans will gladly drag him before the news cameras.

Only Mississippi, easily the most backward state in the nation, currently has a voter ID amendment in its constitution. Mississippi has a long history of excluding people from voting, but with this amendment we may be able to catch up with them.

Would you buy a car that is hidden under a blanket? If you vote for this amendment, there is the substantial equivalent of buying a car hidden under the blanket because no one knows how it would actually work, who would be excluded, and what it would cost.

All that will be left to the Legislature and the Governor, and we all know how well they get along and get things done.

Consider who is against the amendment. The opponents include former Minnesota Governor Carlson (a Republican) and former Vice President Mondale (a Democrat).

The League of Women Voters and AARP are opposed.

Both Catholic Charities and Lutheran Social Services urge you to vote no.

Only the extremists who have captured the Republican Party support it. They want it passed quickly and embedded in the Minnesota Constitution before people figure out what's really going on.

Those behind this proposed amendment are perpetrating a huge fraud on the voting public. Don't fall for this fraud. Vote no.

John Burns