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Letter: Voter ID law is needed

Voter ID is needed in Minnesota. There is nothing partisan about wanting to prevent fraud and corruption; that is, unless you think either of those might work in your behalf.

Gov. Dayton could have saved Minnesota some time and money if he kept his ink dry instead of vetoing last term's voter ID legislation, but anything goes when loopholes for tomfoolery and shenanigans abound.

An assortment of strange bedfellows, all whom are opposed to change, is claiming college students are incapable of obtaining ID. Ask a bartender if that holds water; or if so, maybe this could be added as part of the college entrance exam.

Senior citizens have a current or expired driver's license to show when registering at ACMC, obtain a fishing license, get a boarding pass, or apply for government services; a new law would provide a free ID for the few who need a replacement. Estimates of how many do not have ID are blown out of proportion. Same-day registration is suspect as well. Stop the whining and restore trust and confidence in the system.

Come on, Governor, get with the program and rebuild this trust without one more unnecessary legislative fight. Too many protestations might make someone suspicious. Elections have been too close lately to have the risk of losing the integrity of our votes.

David Herzer