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Letter: Voter ID would create problems

If the Republicans passed all the voter restrictions that they have proposed, due to 86 cases of fraud in five years, approximately 5 million voters will be disenfranchised throughout the United States.

We don't know the full details because next year's legislature will pass the law to carry out the amendment, but we can expect that it will mimic that of Pennsylvania's, since Mary Kiffmeyer, who introduced ours, is a member of the American Legislative Exchange Council, as is Darryl Metcalf, who introduced the law in Pennsylvania. ALEC is the group that puts corporation lobbyists and conservative legislators together with cookie-cutter legislation.

Many people who thought they had a photo ID discovered that under the little-noticed restrictions written into the Pennsylvania law, they didn't. College students who thought that their student ID was acceptable learned it wasn't. A different section indicated that all IDs had to have an expiration date, and 80 percent of the colleges don't use an expiration date.

Imagine the surprise of one of the Pennsylvania Supreme Court judges when he looked at his own ID and discovered that it didn't have that missing ingredient. Joe Sestak, a retired three star admiral and a former member of Congress, has a military ID - without an expiration date.

When Pennsylvania passed this law, they estimated that 1 percent of the people didn't have an ID, but they discovered that 9 percent was the true figure. In the past two months, they have managed to give 9,000 IDs to the possible 750,000 people. Many of the DMV offices are open only one day a week. People who work low-paying jobs can't afford the time off to get that ticket to vote. The time spent waiting in lines has varied from four to six hours.

Another problem is the difficulty and expense of gathering all the documents necessary, such as birth certificates, marriage certificates, naturalization and adoption papers.

The head of the Pennsylvania GOP, while listing accomplishments, said photo ID makes Romney president.

It's one thing to win honestly; it's another to suppress the votes to win.

Barbara M. Edwards