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Letter: Voter ID would suppress rights of many voters

In 1965 the Voters Rights Act was passed, yet we've got voter suppression in many areas of our nation. It's now being proposed in Minnesota by an amendment requiring voters to present a valid photo ID before voting. Republicans say it will prevent voter fraud but fraud is not a problem. If it passes it will cause many problems. Currently, the mayors of both Minneapolis and St. Paul have stated it should be removed from the ballot as it is too expensive and will keep many people from voting.

No one knows what will be a valid ID. The 2013 Legislature will decide that issue.

Provisional balloting will be needed and that extra cost will be borne by local property taxpayers. This whole process will not be free as stated. A person without a valid photo ID can vote with a provisional ballot but they must, within a very few days, show a valid photo ID to the local elections office. How do they do that? They may have to pay $26 for a certified birth certificate. If not, their vote will not be counted.

Absentee voters, such as servicemen, will be handicapped as their identity and eligibility will be hard to prove.

If this sounds a bit complex, imagine how it appears to aged voters or the disabled who don't have driver's licenses. It would also be difficult for some minorities and those without adequate finances.

It would not be easy to vote for a lot of people. Republicans know that and that is why they are pushing for the photo ID!

Graden West

New London