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Letter: Voters, look in the mirror

Listening to the blizzard of down and dirty TV campaign ads candidates use against one another, it becomes readily apparent that we the electorate have to make a decision as to which reprehensible character we most want to lead our glorious country into a despairing future. This does not speak well for the electorate because we can be certain that the candidates would not waste millions of dollars vilifying each other if that is not an effective way of appealing to U.S. voters.

Sadly, it works. So who are we to throw brickbats at the combatants in the ring as they vie for our support? Congress has a lower rating among the general population than the lowest scoundrels in our society. Maybe we should rate ourselves as well with a poll and discover that we are several levels below them in our pathetic demands for ever more entitlements and adamant refusal to raise taxes to pay for them.

This is the defining difference between us and the socialist nations of Europe that are at the moment among the most fiscally stable. The Norwegians, Swedes, Danes and Finns are willing to pay high taxes to gain cradle-to-the-grave benefits. We just want the benefits without the taxes. When you stop to think about it, who's got rocks for brains in their heads, would you say?

Lee Paulson