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Letter: Voters wanted city change

Enough already! I’m talking about the venom being spewed by obvious puppets of the former city administrator, especially the one that appeared Aug. 30. It was supposedly written by a former city council member who got his butt kicked in his bid for re-election. And rightly so.

Wake up, folks. The voters made it clear that they were tired of the dictatorship we had for 20 (and maybe 40 years) and sent their message loud and clear in unseating the former mayor.

The former city administrator made the biggest contribution of his reign a couple years ago. He retired. Thank goodness. But it’s obvious that some of his puppets are still on the council, and others get their kicks writing nasty letters to the editor. They apparently can’t accept the fact that the people wanted change, and the election results show they got it. Quit your whining; we’re better off than we were during the dictatorship.

But stay alert, fellow voters. It is budget time. Do we really need highly-paid department heads? Do we really need an administrator with a large salary package?

Here in Podunk Junction, we can only afford so much. If some of these highly paid administrators are too big for their britches and want metro-area wages, go get them somewhere else.

We’re not offering another dictatorship here. We’ve had enough of that.

John Tradup, Willmar