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Letter: Voting for a billion-dollar playpen

The headline on the front page of the May 11 Minneapolis Star Tribune reads "Vikings biggest win." It should have added "Minnesota, the biggest loser." The large picture below shows a broadly grinning Zygi Wilf standing before a goofy-looking purple-clad mob. Zygi has reason to grin. He has just extorted a billion-dollar sports palace from taxpayers to serve his vanity and to add to his personal wealth. Minnesota should weep. Here are times when government should provide bread for those in need, but it should never be in the business of providing circuses, i.e., lowbrow mass entertainment.

All of the local Republican legislators, Joe Gimse, Bruce Vogel and Paul Anderson, voted in favor of this giveaway to a billionaire. Of course, these are the same people who say that they stand for smaller government and lower taxes. When it comes to adequately financing K-12 and higher education, they say that they just can't find the money. They wouldn't dream of raising income taxes by one penny for Zygi and the other billionaires and millionaires who are on the dole. Instead, Zygi's billion-dollar playpen will be paid for by losers and their families, including a lot of children who can't afford their parents' losses.

It will increase gambling and gambling addiction. In most instances the gamblers will have their judgment impaired to some extent by alcohol, and in many instances, greatly impaired. Gambling and alcohol are a terribly destructive mix. This immoral scheme will predictably result in innocent family members and children deprived of food, shelter and medical care for the benefit of Zygi and his overpaid players. Of course, those families and children can't match Zygi's campaign contributions and expensive lobbying.

Our Republican legislators have shown a complete lack of conscience and moral courage Remember them in November.

John Burns