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Letter: Was this front-page news?

Please excuse my limited view of the world, but with all that is going on around us, can the West Central Tribune really believe that a review of Sarah Palin's new book is a front-page story?

Just because some liberal writers for the Associated Press critique her book, this somehow becomes front-page news? Would you also have run it on Page One if they thought it was outstanding and deserving of the No. 1 bestseller title?

I doubt it very much. I don't care if you love or hate Sarah Palin, keep the opinions on the editorial page where they belong. I realize that every conservative out there carries a bull's-eye on their back so insecure liberals feel it's their obligation to take potshots at them, but we don't have to give them free and easy access to the front page here in west central Minnesota.

I also understand that newspapers are struggling across the country. Any wonder why? Maybe that's why the Associated Press is now doing book reviews. Perhaps they should go back and check the facts on "inconvenient Al's" book, or Michael Moore, or our newest senator, Al Franken. It's almost laughable (if it weren't so scary) that the Associated Press is stepping up to be the new fact police. The next time they run into Sarah Palin maybe they can borrow the old line from "Dragnet" and remind her, "Just the facts, ma'am."

Terry Spieker