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Letter; We all should buy American

Buy American. Buy American. Buy American. As we grow older it seems we develop an exasperating habit of repeating ourselves, and aren't aware of it until a friend reminds us.

This time, however, I am well aware of the repetition and I'm going to put my money where my mouth is. I have recently leased a new American-made car with the premise in mind that one-sixth of all good paying American jobs are directly based on the manufacture of the American-made automobile.

I have also bought a new pair of leather loafers which were advertised in my monthly edition of the American Legion magazine. I bought the shoes knowing full well the product was made in China. My intent is to make a ruckus over the fact that most advertised product is made elsewhere than the United States. I'm going to insist to the Legion hierarchy that any advertised product within our magazine be made in America, or least 50 percent be so made.

I see where American flags must be manufactured in America, which I consider to be a good start. We must remember buying American can be saving the job which might be your own.

Don Skimland