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Letter: We like Mayor Yanish

Thank you, Mayor Yanish. Your mild manner and diplomatic leadership in representing our city and its people is honorable.

Instead of limiting your options to a consulting firm that does not reside or work in our community, you included input from fellow citizens that have expertise in business and industry, government, finance and organizational development.

Being open to diverse ideas of various citizens shows wisdom. Giving public recognition of the collaboration reveals humility and gratitude.

Your decision to not disclose the people’s names that have offered suggestions is also admirable. You are respecting their privacy, which they are entitled to. You have proven to be trustworthy. Welcoming citizen concerns and/or solutions with you or other elected officials is the democratic way; a newspaper should not hinder their freedom of expression.

To most, you are transparent: a man of integrity that has been elected by the people to represent and serve them. Our city and county welcome the opportunity to move forward in a congenial and transparent environment.

Richard and Mary Hanson