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Letter: We need better energy policies

Now that the leadership of both our federal and state governments are controlled by those who are at war with fossil fuels, we are in danger of policy changes that will jeopardize our economic growth and put such a high cost on using energy that only the wealthy will be able to afford the lifestyle we currently experience.

We all believe that we should be responsible in our energy usage, but also realize that we must evaluate our energy usage with a balanced and reasoned approach. However, many in leadership positions have demonstrated by their actions that they do not share that view.

On the state and federal level the rules and regulations get more and more draconian. Minnesota has mandated that Excel Energy get 30 percent of their energy from “renewables” by 2025, and electrical cooperatives and municipals get 25 percent from renewables. In last year’s legislative session there was an effort to increase the electric cooperatives’ share to 30 percent as well. Our tax dollars already go to pay huge subsidies to solar and windmill companies; in addition to that, power companies are required to buy back any energy produced by “renewables” that is not used.

At any rate, we as users and taxpayers are getting hit from both directions. Not only are our tax dollars being paid to prop up this renewable market, but our energy dollars are being squeezed on the other end because of the unreasonable mandates our governments put on our energy companies to buy energy they do not need. This will cause our energy prices to “skyrocket” (a word used by former candidate Obama to describe the result of his energy policies).

The Kandiyohi Power Cooperative is taking leadership in this area and is holding a political action informational event at the Little Crow Country Club in New London on Sept. 26. I would encourage everyone who is concerned about these developments to attend this event.