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Letter: We need Bruce Vogel

I spent a few minutes online today looking at our current Legislature. Out of 85 DFL legislators, 56 of them (a full two-thirds!) are from the public sector -- that includes bureaucrats, union officials, community organizers and other government employees. We even have one who describes herself as a "full-time legislator." How is that possible with a part-time legislature?

The point is we have an overabundance of representatives who are government employees wanting to grow government. Our Legislature needs more private-sector people -- men and women who know what it means to meet a payroll, what it means to turn a profit and what the phrase "customer service" really means.

We need someone like Bruce Vogel in the Minnesota Legislature. Bruce is a businessman with years of experience "making it" on his own, without a government guarantee. I encourage you to vote for Bruce on Nov. 2.

Chris Davis