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Letter: We trust Rep. Andrew Falk

We were amused by the attack letter from four well-known Republicans against our hard-working Rep. Andrew Falk in District 20A. Their major complaint? That his campaign website was down. How horrible! (It was down to update information.) They also falsely accused him of what Republican Gov. Tim Pawlenty is most responsible for -- driving our state and schools into an economic ditch.

Their time would have been better spent on checking out their own Republican candidate, Jay Backer. Backer's residency in the phonebook is 779 Broadway in Browns Valley, which is in Traverse County, outside of our 20A legislative district of Big Stone, Swift, Lac qui Parle, Yellow Medicine and Lincoln counties, which have been well-represented by Andrew Falk.

Of course, the law demands that any candidate live in the district that he wants to be representative for. A check at the Traverse County Treasurer's office in Wheaton shows that Jay Backer still claims his Browns Valley home address as his homestead.

Sometime in 2010, he is supposed to have taken out a lease on an apartment in Graceville (in a government-subsidized building at 717 W. Fifth St.). It is just within Big Stone County in our District 20A, but about 20 miles from Backer's listed homestead in Browns Valley. How can this apartment really be his legal residence? Are we to believe that Backer, with his wife and five school-age kids, live in this small apartment in Graceville, and not at the homestead address in Browns Valley? Are we to believe that Backer does a 40-mile commute to his business in Browns Valley from this apartment in Graceville?

It wouldn't be surprising that the Republicans couldn't get anyone within his district to run against Falk. This fifth-generation farmer impressed many of us with his hard work and constituent service as our representative. We believe he is committed to creating more jobs, better education financing, and reliable renewable energy growth. We trust Andrew Falk and urge our fellow citizens who live in our counties to vote for him.

Serena Vergin, Benson

Jim Stone, Canby

Gordon Lindquist, Ortonville

Brad Fernholz, Appleton