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Letter: Weatherization funds well spent

I have been reading with interest your coverage of the big stimulus package in Congress.

There are some really important details in the package and with Washington, D.C., home to those well-heeled lobbyists, we need to make sure we are watching our legislators and making sure they look out for us.

There are some key things I want to see in the economic legislation.

One example of a program that if funding is increased will give us a big bang for our taxpayer buck is low-income weatherization under the Weatherization Assistance Program. This existing energy efficiency program is proven to be highly effective in serving the neediest Americans while building local businesses.

Weatherization assistance saves consumers money on energy bills. According to the U.S. Department of Energy, low-income weatherization produces $3.71 in energy and non-energy-related benefits for every $1 in federal funds invested. Weatherization assistance reduces low-income energy bills by an average of 21 percent and creates 52 direct jobs for every $1 million in funding.

Now that is smart spending! I look forward to your support for low-income weatherization and other important programs that should remain intact to keep our economy dollars stabilized.