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Letter: What about a roundabout?

It saddens me to see another young life ended too soon in an automobile accident.

I know there have many ideas talked about, but I wonder if a roundabout has ever been considered there? I am starting to see some pop up across the country, especially in newer neighborhoods and in the recent Highway 7 project.

When my wife and I were in New Zealand a few years ago the roundabouts were commonplace. Many were on four-lane roads also, so it can be done. The nice thing about a roundabout would be that you would get traffic to slow down once in the roundabout and that would make that area much safer.

If there were accidents in the roundabout at least the speeds would be slower so hopefully we could eliminate all fatalities. There seems to be plenty of real estate to pull this off, so I would ask MnDOT to consider that as a valid option.