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Letter: What Christians believe

I' m giddy with excitement! The circus has come to town! The political circus, of course.

I don't care what anyone wants to believe. If you want to believe carrying five little green frogs will get your child into an Ivy League school, fine, but don't ask me to accept the belief. That's what is so great about being a Christian and an American, the freedom of choice.

The Bible warns us about all the little doodads we tend to add to different beliefs. I bet the saints in heaven look on us and say, "What crazy thing have they come up with now?" And the next would be, "He should never have given them free choice. Look what they have done with it."

Christianity is an uncomplicated faith about love and forgiveness. We've accepted Jesus Christ as our savior and have 10 rules to follow which we still manage to break every once in awhile. But here is the biggie. If we are truly sorry for what we have done, we are forgiven by his grace. There is another little aside that churches don't often mention anymore and that is this. If you have denied Christ and fallen into sinning, well, this summer is an example of what you can expect, only hotter. This is your eternity, it's called Hell.

Maybe we should drag Jesse Ventura out of Mexico and add him to the mix. He's always good for a laugh and these other two don't amuse me one little bit.

Patricia Carter Harding