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Letter: What it means to be pro-life

The other day a person stated that the government should not pay for the RU-486 abortion pill as provided in the new health care bill. Well, I do believe the government has a responsibility to all of the unwed mothers-to-be to have access to the RU-486 pill. Why allow them to have an unwanted child due to an accident? I use the word accident because it is.

Children today are raised to be instantly gratified. We have instant access to games, news, friends, food, and so why not with sex. It seems it is OK with society at large to have several children born out of wedlock. The public is OK with that. I personally do not believe in abortion for myself or my wife, although, I am fiscally, morally, and physically responsible for her, and our children. Others should choose what is best for them with no outside pressure from any individual or group.

If you are those who adamantly advocate pro-life at any cost, put your money where your ideals are. Pay for the young mother's maternity medical bills, pay for the birth of the child or children. Give money for the child's cost of living, for the child's education, medical, meals, home and future. You should become fiscally responsible for each of the children you personally or have advocated pro-life and succeeded.

Wait, what am I writing about? You do assist in raising that child, as do I and all of America that works, whether we want to or not, through the social services, family services and state aid. I wonder why my taxes are doing less and the state wants more. Keep young mothers from the RU-486 abortion pill and keep having kids having babies. Or perhaps allow those children to become adults without babies and complete their education while learning to become self-sufficient. Allow them to add themselves to the tax rolls and contribute rather than take. This is one instance the health care bill has a proper benefit. There are enough unwed mothers. They are the ones who need to make the hard choice. Not any one of us. Yes, life is precious, but so is the life already here. The life here is the one that should be protected.

Dick Nichols Jr.