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Letter: What Jesus really preached

A writer to the West Central Tribune announces that he is a Christian and lives according to Christian principles that entitle him to give of his time but in no way obligate him to share his wealth by paying a fair share of taxes to his country.

Apparently he has read John 3:16 and that for him gives him a free ticket to heaven and is the Bible in a nutshell. That is indeed a nutshell interpretation of the Bible. He airily dismisses the teachings of Jesus concerning our responsibility for the welfare of others that he evidently considers irrelevant to living the Christian life.

Jesus did not tell the rich young ruler who came to him asking how he might obtain eternal life by saying, "Simply believe in me and thou shalt be saved." You may remember that the young man left the Lord because his real treasure was his wealth and the cost was too great! No mention of his time spent in the story.

A reading of the parable Jesus told of Dives and Lazarus, the beggar who sat at his gate and was given only crumbs from his table, is a real hair-raiser for Christians, Republican or otherwise, who preach the doctrine of keeping one's money for oneself. I advise the writer who thinks that this is his prerogative as a Christian to listen to all the sermons Jesus preached before it is too late.